A brief history of Indie Worldwide 🌎🌍🌏

Today I spent some time analyzing the last four years (yes, Indie Worldwide has already been around that long!) of our Slack activity and thought you all might find it interesting too.

A brief history of Indie Worldwide 🌎🌍🌏
Hi Indie Worldwide,
Welcome back to our weekly newsletter. Today I spent some time analyzing the last four years (yes, Indie Worldwide has already been around that long!) of our Slack activity and thought you all might find it interesting too:
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My key takeaways 🔑

  • Launches have led to all our biggest growth spurts.
  • The number of people posting (blue line) is a better metric of community-health than the number of people just reading (green line).
  • Removing users who read but didn't post means that the reader and poster lines are now much more correlated.
  • The end of the year is always a bit quiet in the Slack as people go on Holiday-mode ☃️
So, if things seem slower over the next couple weeks, don't be surprised. The energy always picks right back up in January as people come back with new goals set and resolutions made for the new year.
If you're not already a member of the Indie Worldwide Slack, now is a great time to join.

Here’s what else we've got for you today:

  • 📸 Meetup recaps
  • 🚀 Launch Alerts
  • 🤝 Refer your friends to Indie Worldwide
  • 📣 Sponsorship opportunities

📸 Meetup recaps

Last week we tried out two new meetup venues: Huddle Space and Butter.
Huddle was a 3D "meta-verse" space, similar to a video game, where you can walk around like you would at an IRL cocktail party:
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  • It was different and fun. Great for people who get bored on a normal Zoom call.
  • You could walk around and talk to people 1-1 which made it easy to have impromptu conversations
  • The novelty was a bit of a distraction from the main conversation.
  • People didn't use the novel features as much as I expected, mostly staying in the center area.
I want to try this platform out again in a month or two, especially as new features come out and with an event agenda better tailored to the 3D space.
The second space we tried out was Butter. Butter is closer to a Zoom-like experience but with tons of extra features like background music, flashcards, and breakout rooms:
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  • So many features! Maybe too many features?
  • Felt ideal for a highly-designed experience.
  • There's a high learning-curve for us hosts.
Shoutout to my co-hosts Paul & Mash for helping organize and run both of these events.
Did you make it to either of these meetups? Any other event platforms you love using? Hit reply and let me know; I'd love to get your feedback.

🤝 Indie Worldwide Referral Program

Word of mouth growth has always been a huge part of how new members discover this community. When someone is referred by an existing member it's a great sign that they'll be a positive addition to the group.
Until now word of mouth has been very informal and I didn't have a good way of tracking who'd referred who, or any way of rewarding existing members for successful referrals.
Refer your friends to Indie Worldwide, they'll get half-off their first month of membership and you'll be rewarded with a commission when they sign up.

📣 This newsletter is looking for sponsors

The Indie Worldwide Newsletter reaches 5,000+ indie makers from all around the world, from founders just starting off to companies making millions every month. We have slots open for January and February starting at $315 for a post.

🚀 Launch Alerts

Despite the approaching holiday season it was another exciting week of launches from Indie Worldwide members. Here's who launched this week:
  • Olly (unexpectedly) launched Senja, a service to collect and embed user testimonials, on Product Hunt and amassed over 600 upvotes.
  • Thuong launched her learning app, Edupops which teaches you new skills with a curated feed of short videos and got into the top 5 on Product Hunt.
  • Chun got over 100 retweets when he shared a demo on Twitter of his new product Readily - a web highlighter for visual thinkers
  • Peter launched Pineapple Builder - his simple no-code website builder for busy business owners.
Congrats to everyone who launched!
We'll be giving you all a shoutout in the weekly Twitter threads shortly. In the meantime, here are last week's threads of wins and launches.
#wins thread
#launch thread
Make sure to share your #wins and post in the #launch channel on Slack for a chance to be featured next week.
That's all for today ✌️
Until next time, I'll see you in Slack.
  • Anthony from Indie Worldwide

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