Butter, Toast, & Bootstrapped Startups 🌎🌍🌏

We're trying out some new meeting spaces this week. First up is an in-browser 3D space. It's basically a video game where we can meet and hang out for an hour.

Hey there,
Welcome to the 109 new founders who subscribed last week and to the 7 new founders who joined the Indie Worldwide Community.
Here’s what we've got for you today:
  • Tomorrow's meetup: ✨ Meeting up in the meta-verse
  • Later this week: 🧈 Butter, Toast, & Bootstrapped Startups
  • 📣 Call for sponsors
  • 📈 0 to 10k Twitter strategy call recording
  • 🚀 Launch Alerts
  • 🥇 This week’s wins

✨ Meeting up in the meta-verse (no goggles required)

We're trying out some new meeting spaces this week. First up is an in-browser 3D space called Huddle. It's basically a video game where we can meet and hang out for an hour. Nothing to install. No goggles necessary.
Join the 20+ indie founders who've already registered to talk shop, get inspired, and maybe meet your next co-founder, partner or mentor.

Here's what it looked like with just two people in it when Mash and I demo'd the space last week:
notion image

🧈 Butter, Toast, & Bootstrapped Startups

Second up, we've got Paul Back to co-host our APAC-timed meetup. We're trying out a new venue here too called Butter which promises to be something like Zoom on crack.

Rumor has it there might be an interesting speaker on their way to spark off the good energy.
See you there 😉

📣 Indie Worldwide is looking for sponsors

If you're interested in reaching 5,000+ bootstrapped startup founders and indie makers, I'd love to hear from you.
This newsletter reaches indie makers from all around the world, from founders just starting off to companies making millions every month.
Thanks to one of our members, it's now easier than ever to become a sponsor. Big shoutout to Jens & his team for building great software and letting us be one of the first communities to use it.

📈 0 to 10k Twitter Strategy Call Recording

Last week I co-hosted a strategy call with Samantha Williams (data analyst) diving deep into the strategies I used to grow from 0 to 1,000 followers and from 1,000 to 10,000 followers on Twitter.
We covered what it takes, how to get there faster, and why you should (or shouldn't) invest your time into audience building.
You can watch the full recording here (unlisted link):
notion image
If you prefer to read, one of the attendees took the trouble of doing a full write up as well which you can read here.

Launch Alerts 🚀

Here’s what our fellow Indies launched this past week in the Indie Worldwide Slack.
  • Hugh Lagrotteria launched Outdone V2 on Product Hunt (live now) -- use ML to transform gift giving.
  • Martin Knapic launched his sales-prospecting Chrome Extension Prospect Role.
  • Felix Wong teamed up with his wife to launch archilingo to help aspiring architects.
  • Berk Lee launched his newsletter Ostradis -- short daily stories for entrepreneurs.
Congrats to everyone who launched this week, we'll be giving you all a shoutout later this week in our weekly launch thread on Twitter. In the meantime, here's last week's launch thread:
Post your launches in the #launch channel for a chance to be featured in this newsletter and on the Indie Worldwide Twitter Account.

Wins of the Week 🥇

In the past week we’ve seen a lot of activity in #wins and it’s great to see fellow Indie Worldwide members succeed and have their hard work pay off.
notion image

notion image

  • Nick Freiling had over $2,000 in revenue for the month of November.
Later this week we'll share all of these wins and more on the Indie Worldwide Twitter. In the meantime, here are last week's wins:
Share your wins in the #wins channel so we can celebrate together and for a chance to be featured here next week.
That's all for this week ✌️
Until next time I'll see you in the Slack.
Anthony from Indie Worldwide

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