Founder Spotlight #5 - Fernando Pessagno

Our spotlight today is on Fernando Pessagno. His beautiful resume building website gets over 30,000 submissions per month and currently generates around $2,000 per month in revenue.

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This month:

  • Events past and future
  • Founder Spotlight: Fernando Pessagno
  • Launches!
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Events Past and Future 🌐

Our first ever in-person meetup was in NYC last week. It was really fun to meet some indie worldwide friends in person for the first time. Hoping to do more local events this year, pandemic-weather permitting. If you’d like to host something in your city reply to this email and let me know 😊
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This last month we had two really insightful Q&A’s all about growth and marketing with Trevor Longino and Amar Ghose. We’ll be releasing the recordings from those in the next couple weeks on the Indie Worldwide YouTube Channel.
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Our next virtual meetup coming up in April open to everyone and registration is now open. Grab your spot:

Founder Spotlight 🔦

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Fernando Pessagno, ResumeMaker
Our spotlight today is on Fernando Pessagno. His beautiful resume building website gets over 30,000 submissions per month and currently generates around $2,000 per month in revenue.
Topics covered:
  • How to get PR coverage in Argentina
  • How to incentivize social sharing in your product
  • Pivoting your business model
  • What to do when life gets in the way of startups

Launches 🚀

Mike Cardona launched Leveraged Founder OS on Twitter, a collection of templates, tutorials and cheat sheets to help you go from zero to 100 as fast as possible.
Ana, Bhanu, and I launched Wizen Guides on Product Hunt and we’re holding on to the number 1 spot so far. We’re writing hot-to guides on bootstrapped marketing topics.
Zachary Burau launched, the most addicting board game you’ve never played before. It’s like Go meets Connect Four and I’m already hooked.
Hua launched Typogram, a super beginner-friendly logo-builder. No more random logo generations, DIY your unique logo and be in charge from day one.
Rox launched Clipbot.TV, automatically upload your Twitch clips to TikTok and YouTube Shorts and grow overnight. Don't stress over creating content, just do the part you love: streaming. Clipbot will handle the rest.
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