🌎🌍🌏 Indie Worldwide launch alert!

Today we launched Speedrun 1000 on Product Hunt. If you've got a minute, I'd love your feedback and support on the launch.

🌎🌍🌏 Indie Worldwide launch alert!
Hey Indie Worldwide,
Today we launched Speedrun 1000 on Product Hunt. If you've got a minute, I'd love your feedback and support on the launch.
We’re half way through January, normally a time when people’s motivation dwindles. Don’t be one of those people! Join us in Slack for your daily dose of motivation from all other indie builders.
Here’s what we have in store for you today:
  • Speedrun 1000 Kickoff Event 🦵
  • Product roasts in the Slack 🔥
  • Founder wins 🎉
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Speedrun 1000 Kick-off Event 🏃

Whether you're already signed up or on the fence, we'd like to invite you to attend the Speedrun 1000 kick-off event at 12pm ET.
This event will be an opportunity to answer any lingering questions, meet your fellow contestants, and get an overview of our battle plan to speedrun 1000 newsletter subscribers in the next 30 days.

See you there!

Product Roasts 🔥

In the #roast channel you can share your landing pages and products and get crowdsourced feedback from other founders. Here's a few that were posted in the last week and the takeaways we gathered from the community roast.
If you've got a product you want roasted (for example, in the lead-up to a product launch), then head over to #roast and make your post.
1. Alex Paval shared Nokto - a service providing on-demand automotive specialists.
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"Hello, we just launched a new website for our business, I'm really curious what you think! nokto.eu"

Here's the feedback Alex received:
  • Bring social proof higher up the landing page. People are highly influenced by success with previous clients. Even if you've only had a few clients so far, it's worth while highlighting the success they've had using your product.
  • Make it clearer what exactly an "automotive specialist" is. That could describe several different jobs, and you want to be explicit about who you're serving.
Kudos to David Groechel and Martin Stellar for their insightful feedback.
2. Aakash Gupta shared Droneopedia - a central repository of all news related to drones, defence, and spacetech.
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"Hi - We have launched a new website which curates content on drones, defence and spacetech. I am curious what you think?"

Here's the feedback Alex received:
  • Reduce clutter on the landing page. The current version is a bit overwhelming and for a new visitor it's not clear what they should be using the website for.
  • Add placeholder images and preview content to the blog posts to make the website easier to skim.
Shoutout to Dhruv for providing his detailed feedback.

Wins 🎉

  • Eric Turner celebrated coming into the new year with $22.5k MRR (with just $6.5k MRR in business costs).
  • Berk Lee turned their newsletter, Ostradis, into a platform!
  • Manoj Ranaweera celebrated 2 new customers and 5 new volunteers (also celebrating 19,000 volunteers) joining SkilledUp Life.
That's all for this week folks. Until next time, we'll see you tomorrow at the Speedrun 1000 kick-off.
P.S. If you haven't yet, check out Speedrun 1000 on Product Hunt - launched today!
Anthony Castrio

Written by

Anthony Castrio

The founder and organizer of Indie Worldwide.

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