Indie Worldwide Newsletter #15: wins and praise 🥇

This past week we overhauled the Slack. The old longer channel descriptions were replaced by shorter minimalist names and we added two new channels: #praise & #wins

Indie Worldwide Newsletter #15: wins and praise 🥇
Happy Monday, Indie Worldwide! This chilly November morning we’re sliding in your inbox with news of:
  • community updates 📣🌏️🌎️🌍️
  • $1,000/month newsletter panel
  • recent launches from fellow Indies 🚀
  • recent wins from Indie Worldwide founders 🙌🙌
  • one of the products we like and want to feature 🌟
  • offers and discounts for Indie Worldwide members 🛒
  • newsletters you might also enjoy 📰

Community Updates: Praise be! 📣🌏️🌎️🌍️

This past week we overhauled the Slack. The old longer channel descriptions were replaced by shorter minimalist names and we added two new channels: #praise & #wins
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Today’s highlight is #praise, the idea is simple: if you’ve had someone positively impact you, share the love! Mention them and how they've helped you.
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Everyone loves to be recognized, and showing gratitude is doubly beneficial. If someone has helped you out lately in the community spread the love and let them know.

$1,000/month newsletter panel

We are hosting a private discussion on Thursday with newsletter owners who are making at least $1,000 per month.
If you're interested in growing and monetizing a newsletter, or if you've already got a newsletter you're trying to grow even larger, then register here for our invite-only discussion.
🛣️ 1KS Roadmap - The first 1,000 newsletter subscribers are the hardest. Here’s a free 5-day email course to help you get there.
📈 Marketing for Makers - Xavier Coiffard shares how to build, launch and grow your startup. Subscribe for weekly marketing tips for your startup.
👅 Human Language Technology - Learn natural language processing, get an NLP job, and build NLP SaaS
🔨 - A website with tools, resources, templates, and articles around web development. It has cool code generators and a weekly newsletter with useful dev links.

#wins 🙌

Our second new channel is #wins, share something cool that happened and we can celebrate together.
🔥 Emma was featured in Make magazine
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🔥 Mike hit $40,000 MRR
🔥 Jonathan was in the New York Times
🔥 Sofia closed a marketing client
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Recent Launches 🚀

  • Lucy HR Assistant, by Dexter S. A tool that aims to be indispensable for your future recruitment efforts.
  • Twidd, by Yassine Zeriouh. A browser extension that allows you to use templates in Twitter DMs.
  • Flowmonk, by Miguel Espinoza. An app that syncs pageviews to Webflow.
  • Focus Bear, by Sophia. Build better routines with this productivity tool.
  • Validated by Clynton, Use one of these 12 techniques to validate demand for your product before you build it.
Share your #wins and #launches in the Slack for a chance to be featured in this newsletter next week.

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How to Use a CRM

Sanketh walked us through the why and how of creating a customer relationship management system (CRM). This is the magic sauce that turns a good salesperson into a legend and can make the difference between a startup dud and rocket ship growth.
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Discounts & Resources for Indie Worldwide Members 🛒

🆙 25% off any Upvoty user feedback subscription
🍏 50% off BYNKER strategic consulting services
⚙️ 50% off first year Versoly SaaS Website Builder
🥊 AWS Activate - $5k cloud credits

That’s it for this week, see you in your inbox soon, see you in the community anytime! Newsletter written by Andrei Maguleanu.

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