Indie Worldwide Newsletter #16: 70% Black Friday Anti-Sale

We've made a ton of big changes in the community this year to make this group more valuable that our paid members are now able to take advantage of

Happy Monday, Indie Worldwide!
Warm greetings from chilly Europe, where we’re sending you today’s newsletter, containing:
  • Annual Black-Friday Anti-Sale: raising prices for new members by 70% next week. 🔥
  • Latest Launches 🚀
  • Wins of the week 🥇
  • Recommended reading 📰
  • Newly added Discounts 🛒

Black Friday Anti-Sale 🔥

As is our annual tradition, Indie Worldwide will be raising it's prices for new members after Cyber Monday this year.
It's the opposite of a Black Friday sale. It's an Anti-Sale.
Anyone who signs up this week will lock in the current $29/month pricing. Next Tuesday we will increase prices by 70% to $49/mo for new members.
Why are we raising prices?
We've made a ton of big changes in the community this year to make this group more valuable that our paid members are now able to take advantage of: Upgraded 1-1 introductions:
  • Pause or unpause at-will.
  • Select who you want to meet with ahead of time.
Better moderation:
  • We regularly pull news from the Slack to feature in this newsletter and on Twitter, helping you get extra eyeballs on your product launches and updates.
  • We added a searchable member directory.
More resources for your startup:
We want to attract people who value what we've built and are invested in the group. One way we can continue to grow, without ballooning in size, is by increasing prices.
At the same time we want to reward our current members who've taken an early bet on us. Therefore we will not be increasing prices for current members, and that includes anyone who signs up this week before the price increase.
Not a member yet? Now is a great time to join.
Sign up now, lock in the current pricing, and if you change your mind?
You can cancel within 30 days for a full refund.
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Latest Launches 🚀

Here’s what’s been cooking in our Indie kitchen lately:
  • Passionfroot , by Jens Mannanal, a platform that helps creators do business better.
  • Supademo , by Koushik Marka, a tool to create interactive product demos.
  • AI Tool Hub , by Ritu Jharjharia, a collection of more than 80 AI no-code tools.
  • Planner , by Samir Rashed, visualize ideas and plan more efficiently.

Wins of Week 🥇

I don’t know about you, but when I see someone celebrating in our community, it feels great, as if my team has done something amazing as well!
Thuong Luu passed 1,000 installs of the  Edupops  App.
Bhanu had  net-negative churn  for his app Feather this month.
Koushik got his first customer for  supademo
caption for image
notion image
Igor was  on the front-page  of Indie Hackers.
Emma  passed $200,000  in revenue so far this year.
Sophia celebrated her  agency’s  one-year birthday.
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When you’re building something it can often feel like a daunting task, that’s why it’s important to celebrate milestones. Only in by looking back do you realize just how far you’ve come. > That’s it for this week, see you in your inbox soon, see you in the community anytime! Newsletter written by  Andrei Maguleanu .

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