Last Indie Worldwide newsletter of 2022, Year in Review 🌎🌍🌏

Four years ago I was hosting a sometimes-monthly Zoom call for indie makers. Now it's my full-time to manage this group and we have hundreds of members all around the world. It's incredible.

What's up Indie Worldwide,
Anthony here 👋 Happy Holidays and welcome to the last newsletter of the year ☃️
I think it's fair to say that 2022 has been our best year ever.
Four years ago I was hosting a sometimes-monthly Zoom call for indie makers. Now it's my full-time to manage this group and we have hundreds of members all around the world. It's incredible.
Huge thank you to everyone one of you who've contributed to building the friendliest group of indie makers on the planet 🙏
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Some highlights from Indie Worldwide events in 2022

🔢 2022 by the numbers

💻 26 Virtual events.🤝 7 In-person events.❤️ 142 new members added.📧 2000+ new email subscribers.👋 300+ Introductions made.💯 1 growth challenge hosted.

🦋 A year of changes

This was a transformational year for Indie Worldwide as a community and a business.
We went from "totally not a business" to a sustainable, profitable community, that can now self-sustain for years to come. Here are the highlights that stuck out for me, but I'm sure I missed some big ones:
  • January we made the Slack invite-only
  • May we upgraded our 1-1 matches and turned on monthly memberships.
  • June I quit freelancing to work on Indie Worldwide full-time
  • September we started publishing this newsletter weekly
  • October we aggressively shrunk the Slack.

🥅 Goals for 2023 and beyond

The goal now is manageable growth and helping more Indie Worldwide founders succeed faster.
I believe Indie Worldwide is most useful it to a founder who's already building a startup, someone who's not just thinking about ideas, but actually shipping them and starting to make some revenue.
At that stage founders can take advantage of our startup deals to save $1,000's, they're in exactly the right stage for growth challenges like 💯 Users 💯 Days, and they'll get the most out of conversations with other founders who can help them save time, avoid headaches, and grow faster.
In 2023 we'll be doubling down on dedicated indie hackers with new challenges, resources, and events. I want to help more founders make more money than any year before.
One way I think we can accomplish that will be to replicate the 💯 Users 💯 Days format, streamline it, and apply it to all aspects of indie business building including...
  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • MVP Building
  • Social Media
....and more. Look out for our first challenge launching in January next year 😉
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👂 I want to hear from you

2022 was our biggest year yet on pretty much every metric, but I can't help feel like 2023 is going to blow it out of the water.
Wherever we go with it will be based on the feedback I hear from you guys and the challenges I see indie's struggling with most.
If you've got ideas for where we should take this community next, I'd love to hear from you directly. Hit reply on this email and let me know what's on your mind. I read and respond to every reply.

🙌 Wins this week

  • Ferre Bynoe had someone sign up to Councilito within 2 hours of launch.

🚀 Launches

  • PersonaCardAI, by Edouard Vadour. An automated tool to help you by generating ideal customer profiles.
  • Councilito, by Ferre Bynoe. Advice and guidance from industry experts, Councilito is your very own board of directors.
  • Stoat, by Jared Rhizor. A tool that helps developers build tooling on top of GitHub.
That's all for 2022, see you next year Indie Worldwide ✌️
  • - Anthony 🌎🌍🌏
Anthony Castrio

Written by

Anthony Castrio

The founder and organizer of Indie Worldwide.

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