$48,000 a year side-hustle helping founders become ramen profitable

$48,000 a year side-hustle helping founders become ramen profitable

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Jun 6, 2022
Indie Business
Charlie Ward is an Indie Hacker and a founder of Ramen Club. He got his start organizing local meetups for the London Indie-hacker scene, but when COVID struck he had to make a hard pivot. In this episode we discuss community building, indie hacking, and how Charlie made the most of what could have been a sticky situation.
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00:00 Introduction
00:28 Why did Weekend Club change to Ramen Club
02:53 Why should one join Ramen Club
05:06 Behind the scenes of Content Creation
07:00 Secrets of the Youtube Game
08:08 how do people find out about Ramen Club
09:02 Is Ramen Club ramen profitable
09:28 What does the growth graph look like
10:38 Is it full-time right now?
11:25 What’s the growth plan now
13:00 The grind of content creation
16:01 The unfair advantage leading to ranking on google
16:43 What are Ramen Club goals for rest of 2022
17:45 Studio Ramen : The community builders hub
20:00 How to find out if a community is valuable
21:43 How can a community create stuff in the best way possible
26:53 Advise for Indie community builders
29:04 Timeline of Weekend Club and Ramen Club
30:52 Outro

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