Andrew Gazdecki: How to Sell Your Startup

Andrew Gazdecki: How to Sell Your Startup

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Andrew Gazdecki is the founder of Former CEO of Bizness Apps & Altcoin (both acquired), and entrepreneur in residence at 500 Startups
At this meetup we talked about what it takes to sell a startup of any size and how to command a high multiple.
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Altera Staffing mentioned at 22:00
00:00 - 1:00 Intro
1:00 - 4:45 Why was MicroAcquire started
4:45 - 6:50 Who gets a 10x multiple?
6:50 - 13:15 Why to hire a CFO as soon as possible
13:15 - 15:50 How to hire a CFO?
15:50 - 20:10 Who should sell on MicroAcquire?
20:10 - 23:10 Outsource recruiting
23:10 - 26:43 The best time to sell a startup.
26:43 - 27:50 Why choose MicroAcquire?
27:50 - 30:00 Types of businesses that are doing well?
30:00 - 31:06 Outro
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