Clothing made to measure, an interview with the CEO of Balodana

Clothing made to measure, an interview with the CEO of Balodana

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Jun 13, 2022
Indie Business
Dana is the founder and CEO of Balodana, a curated marketplace of bespoke tailors. When you sign up for Balodana they take your measurements so that you can shop for clothes that fit you perfectly, every time. Their collection is curated from around the world and they work directly with the makers of your clothing to get each piece tailored to fit your exact dimensions.
In this interview we talked about the clothing industry, artificial intelligence, pivoting during the pandemic, sustainable fashion and a whole lot more.
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00:00 Introduction
00:33 Where does the name balodana come from
01:58 what is balodana
4:04 Fast Fashion vs Slow Fashion
6:24 What is the the order process
08:43 how does balodana make money
11:20 how does sizing work
12:39 balodana’s technology approach
16:03 Web3 Integration in Beladana
18:11 How many vendors are on balodana
20:53 What is balodana sales volume
22:16 How to tackle the pandemic
23:16 Is it a solo founded business
24:08 Is it profitable yet?
24:15 Have there been any formal investment rounds
26:35 The 1000 bars story
28:45 How are people finding out about balodana
29:50 How to find vendors
31:40 Marketing ideas for balodana and other clothing businesses
35:18 The future for balodana
36:38 Fashion as a engineering discipline
37:11 The futuristic smart mirror tech
37:43 Advice for fashion entrepreneurs
39:50 Outro

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