Louis Vieira, Unicorn Ads - From idea to acquisition in less than three weeks.

Louis Vieira, Unicorn Ads - From idea to acquisition in less than three weeks.

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We invited Louis Vieira, Portuguese Indie Hacker, to share with us his brilliant low-budget marketing techniques that have earned him tens of thousands of users for his projects and ultimately led to his no-code startup being acquired after just a few short weeks.
This podcast was originally recored August 14th, 2020 at an Indie Worldwide live meetup.
Louis re Reddit: Reddit hates self-promotion and being sold to, so the key is to be a bit cynical and give things away for free. By posting on Reddit Louis was able to drive hundreds of visitors to his site, drive thousands in revenue, and ultimately got an invitation to interview for a job directly from the director of data science at Shopify.
Louis re Facebook: Louis Vieira discusses a technique he developed to drive more traffic by leveraging Facebook's algorithm to make your posts more effective. First you make a teaser post that doesn't hard-sell anything. You want to pick the Facebook groups you post in carefully and align your messaging with that audience. If it's a good post you'll get a lot of engagement off the bat from people who want the offer. Now, tag everyone who commented or liked the post in comments and share the link you are promoting with them. This will drive even more engagement on the post and cause Facebook to promote it more. Finally, edit the original post to include your link.
Louis re LinkedIn: To get great leads from LinkedIn you could spend hours searching manually, or you could let Google do the work for you by leveraging an advanced feature called "Google Dorks". Basically, google dorks let you specify in a much more precise way exactly what you want to find. For example, "site:linkedin @gmail" will return only gmail email addresses found on LinkedIn and nothing else. Then you can use any page-scraping tool to gather those results into a spreadsheet for you automatically.
You can watch the full recording on YouTube here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QHq3exuFvoU

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