Million dollar retail entrepreneur turned indie hacker.

Million dollar retail entrepreneur turned indie hacker.

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Aug 1, 2022
Indie Business
Audience Building
Ana Bibikova founded a retail chain introducing Asian foods to the Russian market.
After burning out she sold her business and pivoted into indie hacking. Now Ana teaches introverted entrepreneurs how to use their natural inclinations to become better marketers.
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00:00 Introduction
01:20 How Anthony met Ana for Wizen Guides
02:23 How Introversion effects a founder
05:08 The problems of writing a book
08:14 What advantages do introverts have as startup founders
12:20 The history of Ana
15:40 How the Web influenced Ana’s career
17:05 How Ana entered retail
21:11 Ana’s burnout
25:30 Ana’s temporary retirement
26:20 Ana’s teaching experience
31:50 Why wizen guides was born
33:10 Why is Ana NotechAna
35:30 Advice for someone just getting started
41:10 Outro

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