Noah Bragg: Building in public on Twitter

Noah Bragg: Building in public on Twitter

Noah is the solo-founder of, a tool to create custom websites in minutes using Notion and host of the Product Journey Podcast. Noah has built to more than 2k MRR in public on Twitter.
Build in public to market your brand, keep yourself on task, and grow your audience as a maker. Learn from two makers building in public on Twitch and on Twitter and apply their learnings to your own startup journey.
Noah on Twitter:
About Noah Bragg:
Building @potion_so in public. Co-host of @pjourneypod. Transparently tweeting about what he's building and the journey to get Potion to 5k MRR.Indie Worldwide is an online meetup group for indie hackers, makers, and bootstrapped founders.
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  • Motivation and support from people going through the same journey.
  • A global network impossible to create if you only meet people in your own city.

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