Trevor Longino Q&A with Indie Worldwide

Trevor Longino Q&A with Indie Worldwide

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May 23, 2022
Live Q&A
Trevor Longino is the founder of CrowdTamers, a former thespian, and a master marketer. He's helped over a dozen startup scale their marketing efforts to multiple millions in ARR.
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Big thanks to Mash and Sparrow's startup advisors for connecting us to Trevor to make this event possible.
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00:00 Introduction
00:28 How to pitch honestly
02:00 What stops a business from growing faster
04:22 How to cold start a business
08:06 Two most common misdates of founders
09:50 Opinion about social media presence
11:04 Owning a community vs being a part of one
12:46 How to market a new product properly
16:02 Is the first client the ideal client
19:04 How to validate a idea
20:30 Conclusion

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