45% off Apollo.io annual plan

How to Claim
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How to claim the deal

The process as of now (which we will be working on enhancing) is the following:
Offer: 25% off on annual plans (this is on top of the existing 20% offer that we give)
Step 1: Sign up for free here and add a card on file (which can be done by heading to their Apollo account —> manage plan —> update credit card)
Step 2: Complete this Google Form here — your dedicated partner promo code is INDIE22
Step 3: Our team will reach out to the founders once their discount has been applied and when their account is upgraded

About Apollo

Apollo.io is the leading B2B sales intelligence and engagement platform, trusted by over 160,000 companies and more than one million users globally, from rapidly growing startups to some of the world's largest enterprises. Apollo.io provides sales teams with easy access to contact data for over 220 million contacts, along with tools to engage with these contacts in one single platform. By helping sales professionals find the most accurate contact information and automating the outreach process, Apollo.io turns prospects into customers.

Key benefits:

  • Most comprehensive and accurate data: Largest, most accurate, richest/fullest
  • All-in-one platform: Database, engagement, actionable recommendations, automations, workflows, 2 way CRM sync, integrations, extension
  • Most actionable insights: Stronger AI that gives you better signals and less noise
  • Easiest to start: Turnkey setup, free to try, start instantly, competitive pricing plans /credit /features
  • Automation that works: You get more done with less work. And the automation is powered by the best data to be more personal and effective: right place at the right time

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