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How to Claim
How to claim: Schedule call via bynker.co/schedule-call and mention Indie Worldwide
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What is the offer:

  1. Business plan validation → 50% discount (value: 175€)
  1. Commercial Strategy analysis → 30% discount (value: 250€)
  1. All other services → 25% discount

How to claim:

  1. Book an initial meeting via www.bynker.co/schedule-call
  1. Mention Indie Worldwide during your first call
  1. Receive up to 50% discount on our services


BYNKER is a business development agency that grows the revenue of businesses by either thinking strategically with them, or working operational for them.
Strategically we work on:
  • Creating or analysing business plans
  • Developing sales and commercial strategies
  • Customer experience optimisation
  • Commercial operations optimisation
  • Growth and scalability planning
Operational we are here for:
  • Sales and distribution of your product
  • Worldwide prospecting
  • New market introduction
  • Representation of your business/product at buyers or trade shows
We work based on the needs of your business, and are flexible in frequency and duration.
Take a look on the new website www.bynker.co for more information on our services, or to get in contact to set an appointment

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