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12 months
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Offer Details:

Amount: $1,000 for use within 12 months of applying the code


Render is a hosting solution for those who want a better balance of ease of use and power.

Short Description:

We are a unified, full-stack development platform where you define what’s possible. Whether you’re a solo developer, growing startup, or established enterprise, Render provides just what you need to bring your ideas to life.

Longer Description:

Developers have always been forced to pick between two extremes of cloud infrastructure: expensive yet inflexible platforms that fail to scale, or complex large clouds that impose steep learning curves and massive operations teams
Render offers the best of both worlds — incredible ease of use coupled with immense power and scalability to power everything from a simple HTML page to complex applications with hundreds of microservices.


- Autoscaling
- Private Networking
- Managed PostgreSQL
- Managed Redis
- Persistent Disks
- Infrastructure as Code
- Auto-deploys from Git
- Preview Environments
- Zero Downtime Deploys
- Render API
- Free SSL
- Global CDN
- Free DDOS Protection

Redemption method:

email elevate@render.com and include “Render credits for [your company name] via Indie Worldwide]” in the subject line and body.

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