Subsidized Startup Advisors from Sparrow

Requires Application
Professional Service
Indie Worldwide Startup
How to Claim
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How to claim the discount
When you visit their website and click the first button, it’ll ask you for details around your startup, its goals, etc. At the buttom of that form, for the referral, type in “IWW” to claim your discount!
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Regular pricing
The hourly price for each Advisor depends on their personal rates and offerings, ranging between $75USD - $500USD per hour.
Special pricing for Indie Worldwide
The discounted price for Indie Worldwide participants would be $40USD for 45-mins, with these advisors only: Jeff Ponchick, Amar Ghose, Rick Deacon
  1. Only applies to your first session with select Sparrow advisors
  1. Your startup must be generating a minimum of $500 MRR.
Contact Person: Mash (Twitter)

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