Cold calling airports for $7,000 | Zach Burau

Cold calling airports for $7,000 | Zach Burau

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Jun 23, 2022
Indie Business
Zach Burau runs a dev shop, he develops software to run airport time bulletin boards, he bought a website off the founder of Kayak, and now he's building a niche-gaming empire.
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00:00 Introduction
01:39 Hidden niches
03:19 Selling to airports
04:52 Airport tech
05:43 When to pivot
06:20 How Flyline solved the airline data problem
07:21 Selecting the right business
09:19 Does cold calling work every time?
10:49 Contract size for Flyline
12:08 When to raise prices
14:45 How started
18:04 How much traffic is Gomoku getting
20:10 What is Pente and how it matters to Gomoku
23:43 How monetization works for game sites
25:26 How to figure out development for multiple businesses
27:09 Subsidize your business ideas with contracting
29:12 How to find problems to solve
31:24 How Zach allocates his time
32:00 Expanding the gaming empire
34:14 How to build in public
36:13 Advice for new Indie Hackers
37:35 Recap
38:33 Outro

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