How to get banned from Mailchimp | Michael Greenberg

How to get banned from Mailchimp | Michael Greenberg

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Want to avoid getting banned from your email marketing tools?
We invited Michael Greenberg (@gentoftech) to run an introductory workshop for any founders who send emails.
Michael has built three different 6-figure ARR productized services, and sold one of those. Currently he's writing & podcasting about digital operations, entrepreneurial strategy, & content creation.
The session was recorded and everyone in attendance had the opportunity to ask questions.
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00:00 Introduction
01:10 Different email tools and their use cases
03:50 Steps before sending a Cold Email
09:26 Cold Email Troubleshooting Checklist
11:55 What’s the CTA if there’s no link?
12:55 Does twitter also need warming up?
14:00 Monthly limit for emails
14:20 How does email outreach work for a large sales team
15:30 What causes domain to be spam blocked?
16:00 How to find out if you are in a spamlist and how to get off it?
16:00 What type of domain to use
17:50 Perfect tool for Transactional Emails
21:40 What timing to use for sending Emails
22:45 Can subject lines be customized
24:50 Which is the best email tool
26:00 Why cold email is the best place to start
27:45 Marketing Emails vs Cold Email
28:10 Words to avoid so that the email is not marked as Spam
30:50 Content Suggestions
32:05 Best Email I ever sent

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