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About Tiny Bets

Tiny Bets helps indie hackers, founders and growth teams design, run and learn from lean experiments, so they validate ideas, reach product-market fit and grow faster.
Why? Because the only way to reach product-market fit is to try a lot of things, discard what doesn’t work and double down on what does.
Successful companies never stop experimenting - they test thousands of hypotheses across every part of the business, always learn from them and make hundreds of micro-pivots (that no one talks about).

Tiny Bets helps you do just that:

  • teaches you how to correctly test assumptions so you get accurate results
  • helps you design experiments across any area of the business or project (market, customer, problem, solution, etc),
  • allows you to run them in a systematised way to reduce bias,
  • keeps track of the outcomes and the abort/pivot/persevere decisions,
  • and helps you collect, organise and make sense of all your learnings so you grow faster
Find out more on our website: TinyBetsApp.com
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