Reliza Hub: one free year for unlimited users

Indie Worldwide Startup
How to Claim
Send an email to info@reliza.io referencing Indie Worldwide and email of the user which created organization on Reliza Hub and we will activate the offer + contact about how to use free consulting hours.
Preview Image
Screen Shot 2022-02-11 at 1.59.52 PM.png
Free year of Reliza Hub for unlimited users + up to 40 hours of DevOps consulting
We can offer 1 year free use of Reliza Hub SaaS for unlimited number of users + up to 40 introductory hours of DevOps consulting to help set up cloud CICD and integration with Reliza Hub.
Note that we launch commercially on Jan 1, 2022 (it's public preview free for all until then) - however, Jan 1 is pretty soon - and then the offer would make sense Contact: Pavel Shukhman
Value calculation: 10 paid users * $23/month * 12 months = $2760 Free consulting: 40 hours * $100/hour = $4000
Total: 6760

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