Indie Worldwide Newsletter #11: We're shrinking the Slack 📣🤏

As you might have seen already, we’re upgrading the Indie Worldwide Slack. The end goal is a smaller, more valuable, and more intimate community.

Indie Worldwide Newsletter #11: We're shrinking the Slack 📣🤏
Happy Monday!
Welcome back to your weekly re-cap from the Indie Worldwide community.
Here's what we have for you today:
  • We're shrinking the Slack! 📣
  • Promoted Product ⭐️
  • Upcoming Event - Learn to make more sales 💸
  • Recommended Reading 📰📰📰
  • Podcast Interview with Dashiell Bark-Huss🎙️
  • Free resources and discounts for your startup 🎒
  • Launch alerts 🚀🚀🚀🚀

Community Updates 📣🌏️🌎️🌍️

As you might have seen already, we’re upgrading the Indie Worldwide Slack. The end goal is a smaller, more valuable, and more intimate community:
  • Focus the conversation 💬
  • Remove clutter/mental overhead 🤯
  • Make the space a bit cozier overall 😌
Indie Worldwide should feel like a group of trusted friends not like a public forum. The Slack should be a space to come to for candid feedback & advice not self-promotion. So, here’s what to expect over the next couple weeks…
  • You’ll see the total number of members (currently over 4,000) drop pretty quickly as we remove inactive accounts.
  • Samantha will continue to help make intro’s and start discussions.
  • The channels might get removed/combined/renamed
If you’re currently a paying member or have posted in Slack anytime in the last 3 months, then don’t worry, you will not be removed. If that's not you, make sure to hop back into Slack to keep your account active.
If you’ve got any suggestions, feedback, or questions we’d love to hear it! Respond directly to this email and let us know what’s up.
Build sophisticated web applications to your customer’s exact needs with a low-code platform. PHPRunner enables you to create robust, dynamic, and secure applications up to 20 times faster than traditional software coding.

Upcoming Event 🌏️🌎️🌍️

notion image

Next week learn the magic sauce that turns startups duds into rocket ships: a good customer management system.
If you’ve never done sales before, don’t worry, this workshop is going to get you started on the right foot.
And if you have done a lot of sales before this, this will be a great opportunity to make sure you’re getting the most out of every lead.

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Podcast Interview 🎙️

Dashiell Bark-Huss is the founder of Wishtender, a $50,000/month service that allows fans to anonymously buy gifts for adult-creators. We talked about ignoring common advice, solving other people's problems, and how to get your friends to help you out for free.

Startup Resources 🎒

We and our partners are looking out for you - check out these resources to help you stay ahead:

Recent Launches 🚀

Lots of exciting new launches this week from our community, happy launch day to all Indie Hackers who shipped last week:
  • Reel Unlimited 2.0, by Fajar Siddiq. Unlimited design elements for startups in one flat fee.
  • Grace for iOS16, by Liana. A lockscreen widget to track your child’s screen time while being mindful of yours.
  • Know my Meds, by Deepu. An app to keep you informed of medication.
  • SaaS Metrics + Calculator, by Goutham Bandaru. A collection of the most important metrics tracked by founders and product teams.
Want to be featured here next week? Don't forget to post about your launch in #launch-alert.
That’s it for this week! Until the next time we'll see you in Slack 😉
Newsletter written by Andrei Maguleanu.

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